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0 NO Heat..................  Butter Garlic, Honey Mustard, BBQ

1 Mild..........................  Mild

2 Its Gettin' Hot........  Hot, Honey Garlic, Hot Ranch, Garlic Parm

3 Hottest....................  Hooters, Cajun

Specialty Pizza

10" Mini - $7.25 | 12" Small - $10.95 | 16" Large - $15.95

Chicken Wing: Chicken, Wing Sauce & Cheese
Supreme: Mushroom, Onion, Green Peppers, Pepperoni & Sausage
Meat Lover: Hamburger, Pepperoni, Sausage & Bacon
Cheeseburger: Hamburger, Bacon & Extra Cheese
Hawaiian: Bacon, Ham & Pineapple
Cheesesteak: Steak, Green Peppers and Onions
Veggie: Mushrooms, Onions and Green Peppers
Tomato & Garlic: No Sauce, Tomatoes, Garlic, Cheese & Seasonings
Healthy Diet: No Cheese, Tomatoes, Broccoli, Mushrooms, Garlic & Sauce
Shrimp Scampi: No Sauce, Shrimp, Garlic, Cheese & Seasoning - Add Shrimp $2.50 per size
Mediterranean Chicken: Grilled Chicken, Feta Cheese, Banana Peppers, Black Olives, Onions, Tomatoes & Topped with a Herbed Olive Oil
Chicken Ranch: Buttermilk Ranch Dressing, Cheddar & Mozzarella Blended Cheese, Crispy Bacon, & Grilled Chicken
Pesto Pizza: Your choice of Grilled Chicken or Shrimp, Fresh Tomatoes, Our Homemade Basil Pesto Sauce
& Topped with Cheddar & Mozzarella Blended Cheese - Add Shrimp $2.50 per size
NY White: A blend of American, Mozzarella, Cheddar Cheeses Topped with dallops of Ricotta Cheese and Seasonings


Bacon Bits
Black Olives
Double Dough
Extra Cheese
Extra Sauce
Green Peppers
Hot Peppers
Jalapeno Peppers
Ricotta Cheese
Roasted Red Peppers
Sweet Peppers
Ham & Cheese
Turkey & Cheese
Roast Beef
Club Sub
Chicken Salad
Meatball & Cheese
Chicken Parmigiana
Chicken Cheesesteak
Grilled Chicken
Buffalo Chicken Wing
Deli Melt
Wrap Choices: Plain, Herb Seasoned, Jalepeno Cheddar, Whole Wheat
Extras: Bacon, Hot Peppers, Sweet Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Extra Cheese
Extra Meat, Black Olives, Cucumbers, Onion, Mushrooms (Hot Subs Only),
Roasted Red Pepper - Additional Charges May Apply
Condiments: Roasted Garlic Mayo, Red Onion Aioli, Pesto Mayo, Honey Mustard,
Spicy Brown Mustard, Dejon Mustard, Roasted Red Pepper Tartar
*All Bolis are made fresh to order, wait time will be longer.

Homemade Soup

Chicken Soup Daily - Call for Our Soup of the Day
Cup - $2.75 | Bowl - $3.75

Add Grilled Chicken to any Salad for $2.75

Dressings: Italian, Fat Free Italian, Ranch, Fat Free Ranch, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Oil & Vinegar,
Parmesan & Peppercorn, Caesar, Bleu Cheese, French, Citrus, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Chipolte Ranch,
Greek, Zinfandel Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard, Apple Cider Vinaigrette - Extra Dressing - $0.95